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Welcome, translator

This is the web page where you log in as a translator to provide translation for the words and phrases that are used in StarTraX. It is written in English because I have to rely on you, my translators being able to work in my language.

Your entries will immediately update the "phrase book" that is stored in a database on the web site. There will be a "phrase book" for as many languages as I can get volunteer translators.

Each time StarTraX starts up on your computer, it will determine your local language (stored in your Windows set-up) and will access my web site and download the dictionary for your language and then populate al the text fields with the text in your language. From then on it will present all text in your language.

That way, StarTraX will be able to grow into many language versions without me having to go through the complicated process of developing and releasing new versions for different languages, and you, the translators won't have to complete the entire translation of the 227 words, phrases and abbreviations before you see the results of your work.

New translation page

From this version (September 2011), I have integrated the translation pages into the Features Tab of this web site. I have made this change to simplify the whole process of document maintenance, I hope it won't make the translating process more difficult.

Please be careful!

You are working with a live, on-line "phrase-book". Entries you make here will be immediately transmitted to every StarTraX user in the world.

Log in to see the translator view of this site

Once you're logged in you will see, on the Features Page, a translate  button next to the phrases that are to be translated . This will take you to the translation page where you will see the English version of the text from where you can enter your translation. When you become familiar with the coding that I have used to label the phrase, I expect you will find that you can do all of your work from that page.

To assist you to see which phrases remain un-translated, un-translated phrases appear like this; translated phrases appear like this.

I am indebted to Colin Eberhardt who developed the IJDB web site for the ideas and the "engine" that drives the back-end of this system.

Translator's league table

Check the progress of your work in this dynamically updated score sheet.

LanguageFlagphrase countLast Update
Phrases to translate: 2272013-07-08 21:49:40
italianoMissing img2192011-08-24 16:37:36
US(English)Missing img82013-07-06 22:09:13
DeutschMissing img2072012-03-20 14:07:38
RomânMissing img192011-07-04 05:40:54
portuguêsMissing img0
françaiseMissing img212011-12-09 00:43:46
中國Missing img2202011-08-22 01:32:38
한국의Missing img0
日本Missing img1622011-08-16 03:40:30
PirateMissing img392011-07-02 20:42:37